Sharon Kimberly Williams is an arts and letters doctoral candidate in The Caspersen School of Graduate Studies at Drew University where she is pursuing the doctor of letters (D.Litt.) degree in the Studies in Religion and the Fine Arts. Her research interests include Spirituality and Healing in the Arts and Music Therapy in Biblical Antiquity. The themes of pain, love, beauty, and lament that occur in her writing are based on her studies in the fields of music and theology, Africana poetics, and Hebrew poetry. Sharon has performed music and poetry all around the world. She was recently selected to serve as a 2019-20 Justice Artist for the Social Justice Leadership Project at Drew Theological School. Currently, she is working on publishing her first collection of poetry entitled, Breath|Voice|Fire. Sharon serves as a contributor to Harvard Medical School’s Global Health Catalyst, an initiative that advocates for eliminating global health disparities. She resides in Madison, New Jersey.